Why should you join our affiliate program?

Why should you join our affiliate program?

We are willing to give a 10% comission for every product sold by your promotion/advertisement.

This means that:

1 sale = 7$

5 sales = 35$

10 sales = 70$

So why not join? Its free!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting/advertising a product and getting a commission for each sale, in this case you are getting 10% of the sale per product sold, the commission can get higher if a good amount of sales is made.

Where can I start?

Simply make a social media account promoting/advertising the product, it could be clips from the internet or if possible, you could showcase the physical product if in possession.

For example:

This is our tiktok account, as you can see we have been using videos from the internet to showcase our product.


How should i set up the advertisement?

1) Scroll stopper

A 2-3 second clip that will catch the viewers attention based on the product/related to the product.


2) The problem

Introduce a problem that the product can solve.


3) The solution

Showcase the product as the solution.


4) CTA

Showcase the product and its ablities.

5) Mention

Mention our website to let the customer purchase the product.


If you would like to sign up please do it via the following link:


Happy marketing!